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About Waiik

About Waiik

Waiik is a free space projector which means it doesn’t need a solid medium to show images is the case of regular projection that need a solid screen or surface. Waiik can project images on a water particle curtain created just over the gadget. This curtain is so thin that it’s hard to see at first sight, but it has the necessary amount of particles to retain projected light. With the aid of a row of infrared sensors placed at the front of Waiik the particle curtain becomes interactive, so you can use your hands and manipulate….

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Value Proposal

The free space projection technology has remained as a technology available only for large entertainment industries and social events organization, given the size and production costs that other companies offer, this technology has been rarely known and only presented at hight budget events. Waiik wants to break this trend, hindering free space projection be reached around the globe, making sci-fi a reality….

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